Best Bargains for babies and toddlers

Today I was looking at wooden baby toys for a completely different post and site and came across some bargains I thought would be great to share. These aren’t all wooden, just a variety of the best bargains for babies and toddlers toys at great sale prices.

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Most of these are on offer between 8th and 12th November 2019 Only.

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Hape HAP-E0407 Shake ‘n’ Match Shape Sorter – Multicolor

A classical educational toy for a young child. They start to explore, picking up brightly coloured things, learning as they are told the colours and shapes, then learning which shape goes where.

Hape Shake n Match Sorter and Shaker. Best Bargains for babies and toddlers


It’s a fun way to start learning.

This toy is for 12 month’s upwards according to the listing. The manufacturer states the age range is from 2 months to 8 years. (Scroll right down to see the details)

Great for the eco conscious buyer who wants to avoid plastic toys for very young children.

Would make a great gift for birthday or Christmas or even because your little one has got to the exploring stage and needs more stimulation.

Its also a bargain price right now with 50% off from 8th – 12th November. Don’t delay if you like this one as there is no guarantee of whether it will stay at this price past the 12th.


Another wooden set, great for eco conscious parents, who are not only concerned about the environment but also about the amount of plastic near their growing baby. Especially as babies put everything in their mouths, constantly chewing to help with the pain of teething.

NimNik Wooden Toys Cars Bus Engine Emergency Vehicles Educational Toy for Early Learning for Toddlers

This one is a vehicles set in a wooden box.


The vehicles are  a Train engine, Police car, London Black Cab, Red Car, Ambulance and London Double Decker Bus.  A lovely variety to amuse a toddler for ages.

NimNik Wooden Toys Cars Bus Engine Emergency Vehicles Educational Toy for Early Learning for Toddlers


My 2 year old grandson loves all vehicles and plays with them constantly, amusing himself quite happily.


This set is also a bargain with a bigger saving than the one above. A great saving of over 60%,  at the minute, on this fabulous toy.


A Baby Walker with Activities, Music and Sounds, a Toy for 9 months and upward. The main listing states 1 year Old but details lower down say 9 months, as does the box.

Fisher Price baby stroller/baby walker.


  • Sturdy pretend stroller steadies baby’s first steps
  • Music and lights activate as baby walks.Stroller has room for Princess Chime doll and a hook for Care & Carry Tote
  • Baby’s rewarded with fun songs and sounds when she presses the magic wand – a first introduction to cause and effect
  • Hands-on activities include beads and flip book to help develop fine motor skills
  • Adorable stroller styling encourages early role play and nurturing *

This is a great deal that only lasts from 8th until the 12th of November.

Right now this is 40% off, a great time to get a christmas or birthday gift or just because your little one is ready for this stage.


Hamleys Cocker Spaniel Soft Toy.

Oh my goodness how cute is this?  A realistic looking cuddly toy to give the dog a break from the over zealous cuddles or because your little one is drawn to dogs.

Hamleys Cocker Spaniel Soft Toy


A gorgeous Cocker Spaniel from the iconic Hamleys toy shop. Buying online will save you fighting through the crowds.


Trust me, it is manic in there this time of year, I have gone there a few years pre Christmas with grandchildren. Though I must say it’s a wonderful experience if you haven’t been.


This one is a limited offer, as you would expect, from 8th – 12th November. For this time it is 25% off.


COSTWAY Kids Table Chair Set, Double Side Tabletop Table + 2PCS Chairs with Storage Box.

COSTWAY Kids Table Chair Set,

A toy that’s not a toy as such but furniture for the nursery, bedroom or playroom. An eco friendly table and chairs made from wood for those trying to avoid an over abundance of plastic in their children’s lives.

A great table for all the drawing, painting and writing on. The table top is double sided, white one side and black the other. It has storage space to contain the endless crayons, paints, pencils and felt tips that always seem to end up in random places.

The chairs too, each have a storage space which I think is a great idea. Once they start getting creative, you need a lot of space for all the variety of crafts they do as well as storing the creations they won’t part with.

This deal is for 25% off and is another one that runs from 8th – 12th November.

So if you want this bargain don’t wait about.


Lenbest Super Large Water Drawing Mat 100x 100cm, Aqua Magic Painting Pad

lenbest Super Large Water Drawing Mat

This is a fun yet Educational Toy/Gift for a Toddler and upwards. A  Large Size Doodle Mat with Seals, a Magic Roller, a Drawing Booklet and a Writing Board. A great way to start their creativity with getting paint, crayon, pen and felt tips everywhere. 


My grandchildren have had these and I found they were wonderful to introduce them to a world of creating pictures and encouraging their imaginations. Yes you get some water about if you aren’t careful but it’s better than wax crayons and paint which does go everywhere however vigilant you are.


This great gift idea is 28% off from 8th – 12th November.


Many of these bargains actually have a countdown running with how many hours there are left to go before the offer ends.

If you really like one or more of these you might as well get them now while the offers are on.

I hope you like these offerings I have found for you. They are great deals despite being time limited so definitely worth a look.

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