Black Friday Deal at Wealthy Affiliate 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday sale.


I am assuming here that you have already been looking affiliate marketing as an alternative way of working. A way to have your own business working online from home or wherever you choose to travel.

If you haven’t looked at it and considered every angle, how it works, the time it takes, the training you need to do and also, most of all the amount of time before you will begin earning, then you need to do some research first.

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Economic sense.

Black Friday deal at Wealthy Affiliate

You save quite a bit of cash by leaping in at this time of year.

The price is usually $49 a month or $359 yearly. The usual yearly payment already saves a lot as you can see.

$299 comes out to $24.92 per month
$299 comes out to about $0.82 per day
You save $24 per month a month on the regular membership.

Grandfathered In.

This means that you get to stay at this price for a yearly membership however long you remain at Wealthy Affiliate. Now that is an excellent deal  in itself.


Now this price  for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend has been the same for the last 7  years apparently, so the chances of it continuing to be at that low price are fairly remote. So I have heard anyway.

So if you are serious about putting in the time and effort, serious about building your own business online, then its a good commitment to make. A gift to you, not only to save cash but to give peace of mind. You won’t have to think about paying a monthly amount and have already told yourself this is serious and you intend to do it.

Commit To Your Future!

That is a major commitment to your future.

This is the way I looked at it when I began. I knew I was going to go Premium during the first week. Then I signed up within 7 days to get the half price 1st month. When I saw what was on offer to Premium members, I knew I was going to do this and I would keep going until I succeeded.

To me, paying a yearly fee made much more sense economically, but more that that it meant I was in it for the long haul.

Considering how much people charge for courses alone, this was a much better alternative.

Then there is the web hosting too, all part of it. Up to 50! YES 50 sites and 25 of those can be domains. That would be an expensive thing to do by itself, having all those websites in a secure location.

The site support on Wealthy Affiliate is brilliant. They respond so quickly and fix any problems very fast too.

Then there is the community! I have been part of communities on big sites before, having run a craft business online for the last 10 years. They have been good, helpful at times too but often a fair bit of griping about things.

At Wealthy Affiliate posts are uplifting, motivating and inspiring. I have learnt a lot even from the many blog posts. There is a separate place to ask questions and they all get answered. Because you get several answers there will be one that switches on that light bulb and makes sense.

Because of course people respond from their own knowledge base and will explain something in their own way. All the answers may be basically the same, just explained from each persons viewpoint, so that at least one or more will resonate.


What are the membership options?

Considering what most offer for free in the affiliate marketing field, this is very good.


What is usually offered you ask? ZERO is what is usually offered for free. If you have been looking at affiliate marketing you will already know that.


I researched for many months, watching endless videos that all start to look the same. One thing they had in common was that you didn’t even get a peak inside to see whether you were interested in what was on offer.


Not without paying hundreds or thousands for the ‘system’ on offer.


As you can see, you can join for free, not a credit or debit card in sight. There is training to start on and you are taught to build a basic website and you have 1 available. There is training, back up, etc.


Premium is a vast library of training, up to 10 websites and so much more as you can see on the table.


It’s a good deal at $49 a month, at $359 a year for so much it’s a real bargain! Many have said they have paid more for webhosting a couple of sites. I personally have not had a wordpress site before so have no idea of the cost of hosting.


What do you think?

Is it a good deal as it stands, the regular deal?

I am sure you can soon find out costs for training, support, webhosting, security etc so will soon realise it it.

Which means of course, that the deal on offer for the Black Friday to Cyber Monday long weekend is unbeatable.

There are a couple of weeks to go before the deal will go live so that gives you time to look about, maybe read a few blogs on my AFFILIATE WEBSITE, as well as others.





I am biased

I admit quite feely that I am biased about Wealthy Affiliate, I love it there, but I went into it with my eyes wide open. I was prepared to work hard and knew that whether I earned sooner or later, was up to me and how much time and effort I was prepared to put in.

I understood that with the commitments I already have that it would take me longer than many others but that was okay. I could have started months or a year or more later but I preferred to start now, building the foundations of my affiliate marketing business.

This way, by the time I do have more time, I will be well on the way towards my goals.


I hope I will  see you on the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, raring to make a start on building your future.

Grabbing the opportunity with both hands, having realised what a great deal it is.


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